We are Electrical Surplus Buyers

For over 15 years IARGLOBAL.COM has been one of the most respected and professional Electrical Surplus Buyers in the country. As Electrical Surplus Buyers we pay fair prices, communicate well, and pay cash quickly for surplus electrical equipment and automation components. We also buy Pneumatic, Hydraulic Control, Electrical Equipment Suppliers overstocks, LED Commercial Light Fixtures, Industrial Automation Equipment, and Industrial Equipment Suppliers overstock inventories.

“Out of sight out of mind” and “Too busy” are the primary reasons sellers procrastinate about activating this potential surplus electrical equipment cash flow generator. Sellers sometimes have an issue with the fact that “Well I paid $300 for this circuit breaker or relay and I can’t let it go for any less”, or “Tomorrow I might need it for a project.” Idle surplus electrical equipment inventory items continue to decrease in value due to technical obsolescence and, potential damage during storage in your warehouse. Assuming that your facility space comes at a cost to rent or own, then your idle inventories are coasting you precious dollars every day.

IARGLOBSAL.COM purchases surplus electrical equipment items, both new and used, such as circuit breakers, datacom, fiber optic, relays, PLC’s, control boards, sensors, operator input devices, pneumatic and hydraulic components, lighting controls, LED lighting, and other related components.

Our process is simple, straight forward, and fast. Just send us a list of what surplus electrical equipment you have on an Excel spreadsheet with the Quantity, Make, Model, and Condition (New, New in Box, Used). We also have a link on our website that will give you a pre-formatted spreadsheet for ease of use. We look forward to hearing from you. You may email us at: info@iarglobal.com, or toll-free at 877-745-1775. Please free to visit our web-store: http://www.iardeals.com for thousands of items that you might want to buy.

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