New Arrival of HVACR and Fluid Automation Components

IARGLOBAL.COM just received a large inventory of fans, solenoid valves, flex duct, pressure sensors, pumps, actuator valves, ventilation accessories, controls, and other items commonly used by mechanical and HVAC contractors as well as industrial and manufacturing plants. Manufacturers include Aldes, Apollo, Belimo, Delta Breeze, Fantech, Hoffman, Loren Cook, Panasonic, Parker, Siral, Siemens, Thermaflex, etc. All items are brand new.
We have various size 120 volt centrifugal cabinet fans from Loren Cook. Our Belimo offerings include both brass and stainless steel 24 volt and 120 volt ball valves. The sizes of the Bellimo valves range from 1/2in to 4 inches in both standard pipe thread and flange connections.

The Thermaflex duct ranges from 7in to 10 in diameter sizes in 25 ft lengths, fiberglass insulated. Our Fantech items include dryer booster fans, lint collectors, and backflow dampers. The Panasonic fans are low sones bath fans.
Our Barksdale pressure transducers are stainless steel in varying pressure ranges from 5PSI to 10,000PSI. Our solenoid valves include ASCO, General Valves, Parker, and Siemens process valves, zone valves, and specialty valves. We have a diverse line of actuated valves from SiralUSA. “Siral” valves are top quality valves made in Italy. “Siral” actually makes the ball valve bodies for Belimo. If you are looking for a top quality actuated ball valve in stainless steel or brass, SiralUSA really gets the job done. Our other Barksdale valves are adjustable pressure sensor switches. The pressure ranges are 0-100PSI and 10-250PSI with normally open and closed single pole contacts.

We are offering most the above items at 80% of low wholesale prices. If you buy quantities we are will negotiate even better pricing for you. You can visit our IARDEALS.COM website and use the keyword “valve”, “fan”, “duct”, “control”, or you can just click on “BRANDS” on the meu bar and choose your manufacturer.

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