Surplus Automation Equipment and Components

The surplus automation equipment and component industry and the network have been around since the end of WWII. Up until the 1980’s and before the advent of the internet the industry of buying and selling was conducted primarily through telephone and printed media communication between buyers and sellers. There were third party advertisers such as Electrical World and Surplus Record who charged a fee to dealers and distributed printed monthly catalogs to potential buyers and sellers.

With burgeoning internet online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon starting growing to enable buyers and sellers to come together. Many dealers such as IARGLOBAL.COM and IARDEALS.COM created sophisticated websites and shopping carts to make thousands of transactions more efficient, transparent, detailed, and buyer and seller friendly.
Primarily electrical and mechanical contractors, distributors, industrial plants, hi-tech industries, and food, and beverage processors learned that they could sell off surplus equipment and components by contacting professionals such as Industrial Asset Recyclers. IAR who would buy their idle inventories for cash or sell them on consignment from the owner’s warehouse or the IAR dealer facility.

Companies such as IAR developed and used sophisticated cloud based platforms and databases for the inventorying, evaluation, marketing, and order processing. These cloud based platforms enable dealers such as IAR to market on up to four platforms such Magento websites, eBay, Amazon, and Walmart that synchronized all products, prices, and inventory levels.

A few selected dealer such as IAR not only buy and sell surplus inventories, but also are certified dealers for high-quality tooling, LED lighting, actuated valves, HVACR liquidators components, electrical distribution and automation components as well as hydraulic and pneumatic automation components.
Dealing with companies such as IAR enable companies to efficiently and cost effectively sell and purchase easily online.

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