Q. How does your process start?

A. The majority of the time we are able to value your assets and tailor a liquidation solution for you, if can provide us with digital photos and an inventory spreadsheet with the Make, Model, Description, and Quantity of each asset item. We will provide you with a spreadsheet template to list your items. If the project is large enough we will sometimes make a physical inspection of your assets at your plant site.

Q. How do I know what my items are worth?

A. With our extensive database and valuation resources we are able to provide you with a low and high selling range. In addition we will provide you with a lump sum purchase price for your entire inventory.

Q. How do I know what solution is best?

A. Depending on your cash flow needs, if you are able to store your assets or need us to move your inventory to our warehouse, and what your general time frame is for completing the liquidation we will suggest one or more liquidation alternatives. These alternatives may be direct purchase, webcast auction, consignment sales with orderly liquidation, or a combination of the above.

Q. I have multiple locations that need to be dealt with?

A. We have clients who have anywhere from one to over two thousand different locations. We are able to track, sell and report by location or in the aggregate.

Q. How does your consignment sales program work?

A. We prefer to ship your inventory to our warehouse. Our simple 2 page Consignment Sales Agreement outlines the duties of you (Consignor) and IAR (Consignee). We will advance shipping costs if we agree to move your assets to our warehouse. Sometimes it is more efficient and cost effective to leave the assets at your location. It is our responsibility to arrange shipping for our buyers and collect payment along with the sale of the item(s) to our buyers. We provide you with completed shipping documents (B.O.L.). Our online inventory system allows you to login and see the status of your inventory in real time. You will receive a report and payment the following month for items sold and received by our buyers in the previous month.

Q. If you purchase our assets what is included?

A. We write up a detailed purchase agreement that has an exhibit attached of the inventory. If you are a credit rated corporation we will overnight you payment in advance. For small businesses and individuals we will remit payment within 48 hours of verifying the quantity and condition of the inventory that arrives in our warehouse. We will arrange and pay for shipping of the inventory from your plant site or warehouse.

Q. Do you sell “AS-IS”

A. We prefer not to sell anything “AS-IS” due to the fact that buyers will not feel secure in purchasing an item or paying a reasonable price due to the risk of an item being defective. We view our buyers as if we were in fact the buyer. Our business model provides anywhere from a 14 day to 90 day refund policy for items not as described as in working condition. This buyer assurance policy enables us to obtain the highest prices for assets. It is important as a seller that you are transparent with us about the condition of your assets.

Q. Do you recondition or repair non –working items?

A. Normally unless the repair is minor in cost and simple to repair, we do not recondition or repair equipment. However we will clean any greasy or dirty items to give them the best visual appeal to buyers. Cleaning and repair costs are deducted from your consignment proceeds.

Q. Do you provide references?

A. We will be pleased to provide you with past and existing client references.

Q. It is important that our dealings are confidential.

A. We respect the fact that sometimes an ongoing company’s liquidation of certain assets must be kept confidential. All of our communications will be kept in strict confidence. Buyers unless permitted by you are not privy to the source of the assets they buy. We normally do not divulge the exact source of any inventories or equipment.